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I currently work with one and everyone in our section at work LOATHES him. If you're a performer, it means you couldn't get into every other major school like Juilliard, Yale, etc. It is not selling out to take a job with this classic, groundbreaking show that featured television's first interracial kiss and deals with plenty of valuable, insightful themes and insights into the human condition. STAR TREK isn't high brow; its mass appeal is its strength.

He grew up middle class, went to C-M, and everything he says and does tries to highlight where he went to school! CM grads are pretty much never going to be more than d list. But it's a lot closer to Ibsen than THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS or something.

He is a good actor, head and shoulders above Milo, Hayden, or any of the other young actors on Heroes.

It is nice to see a gifted and fully trained actor get ahead, instead of just some pretty face and a ton of PR."R13, its still Star Trek.

While still in high school he received his first artistic honor x96 a Gene Kelly Award for his role in 'Pirates of Penzance.'Quinto quickly made the decision to pursue acting as a career, so after graduating from Central Catholic High School in 1995, enrolled in Carnegie Mellon Universityx92s music theater program. Never one to forget his roots, this born stage actor would remain active in theater during his rise on television, appearing in plays in New York and L.

I'm glad that he got the Star Trek opportunity to break out into major stardom.

Nimoy did that beautifully in the television series, and Quinto, with his somber eyes and perpetually quizzical eyebrows, carries the torch here.

Even his complexion looks like marble, a substance incapable of showing emotion until emotion is carved into it; Quinto does that from the inside out."He and Adam Lambert are out in the same sense, (Zac's BF knows Adam) but they don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

Agreeing to do Star Trek = famewhore, not serious actor."Just five for now: Patrick Stewart, F. I don't know him personally, but if he's an asshole I wouldn't be surprised.

Murray Abraham, Eric Bana, Alice Krige, David Warner. He's a Carnegie-Mellon grad and they're among the worst people I've ever met.

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