Yoshkar ola dating

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The female names of that the scammers used in their correspondence were provided to them by their superiors.

Among those names were: Tatyana Lavrentieva, Natalya Domracheva, Natalya Popova, Zoya Popova, Natalya Makarova, Tatyana Antipina, Ekaterina Schegoleva, Lyudmila Amokaeva, Nataliya Zvereva, Irina Kozlova, Ekaterina Chasovaya, Ekaterina Shingunova, Ludmila Mikheeva, Diana Osmanova, Elena Dubnik, Irina Kozakova, Nataliya Volkova, Nataliya Nagornaya, and others.

Within a few days after each transfer, they would receive a payment of 10-15% of the transfer amount.

They testified that they had no knowledge about the fate of the rest of the money, and that they were working entirely on the commission basis.

The scammers, young males of ages 21 to 30, received probation sentences ranging from 6 to 3 years. Those rental apartments were referred to by the scammers as the groups offices.Do you want me to send you information about the scammer I am corresponding with?How can I confirm that the photos I have been receiving actually belong to the person I am corresponding with?The scammers testified that they did not personally know the ladies whose names they used during the correspondence.According to their testimony, they had to forward all information about incoming money transfers as text message to a person whose identity they did not know.

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