Worst dating city in canada

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The large crowds and boisterous noise provide the perfect environment for pickpockets to operate.

Montreal does a lot of things differently than the rest of the country, not to mention our neighbours to the South. We smile and nod a lot and save all the true stuff for later when we mock you to our close friends.

During the American Revolutionary War, an influx of British settlers came here as United Empire Loyalists fled for the British-controlled lands north of Lake Ontario.

For brief periods, Toronto was twice the capital of the united Province of Canada: first from 1849 to 1852, following unrest in Montreal, and later 1856–1858.

After this date, Quebec was designated as the capital until 1866 (one year before Canadian Confederation).

However, the word "Toronto", meaning "plenty" also appears in a 1632 French lexicon of the Huron language, which is also an Iroquoian language.

A portage route from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron running through this point, known as the Toronto Carrying-Place Trail, led to widespread use of the name.

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