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The Karl Popper Format (team debate with two sides)Designed for members of the International Debate Education Association, this format is predominantly used in secondary school programs in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia.A simple design, this format accommodates three speakers per side andprovides just one speaking opportunity for each speaker (although four of the six speakers also conduct questioning).Start meeting singles in Syracuse and inhale the alluring fragrance of new love, tempting emotions, and unbelievable memories.This is the website where people find potential matches and new people in your area looking for the same.This free gay dating site provides you with all those features which make searching and browsing as easy as you've always wished for.

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The Tournament Director, or a committee designated by the Tournament Director, may impose penalties including reprimands and, in extreme cases, the removal of a debater or judge from the tournament.Are you ready to join them and open up a new side of your sensuality?Let it be open or discreet, it’s all for you, just as you want it. – Should include equal and alternating speaking time.- Should provide the first opportunity for the side supporting the proposition.- Your format should include variety . Second Affirmative Rebuttal Each speaker delivers a constructive as well as a rebuttal speech, e.g., the first speaker from the affirmative side delivers both the first affirmative constructive as well as the first affirmative rebuttal.The first one involves two teams of three speakers each, while the second – two teams of two speakers (the British Parliamentary format has four teams of two speakers). The Policy Format (team debate with two sides)Currently associated in the U. with high school and collegiate policy debate, this format has the advantage of strict equality: every speaker gets exactly the same amount of speaking and questioning time as any other. The basic case for the proposition is laid out in the first affirmative constructive, and a case against the proposition, combined with a refutation of the affirmative’s case, is provided in the first negative constructive.

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