Who is lindsey lohan dating

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The couple dated back when Wilmer was only 24 and Lindsay was 17.It did not matter that when the two started to date, Lindsay was technically underage.The Page Six story includes this doozy of a paragraph: While the “Herbie: Fully Loaded” star and the vicious authoritarian would seem to make for an unlikely twosome, sources close to Lohan, who has been partly based in nearby Dubai for the past couple of years, told Page Six that it’s not unusual for the “Rumors” singer to be courted by Middle Eastern dignitaries.“They go crazy for her out there,” exclaimed one insider.Being in the public eye can make it hard to maintain a private life— who you surround yourself with or who you are dating is bound to make it to the media.

When Lindsay found out that James was denying their encounter, she decided to come forth with the details of what took place.

In 2006, Wilmer was on the Howard Stern’s radio show and discussed the couple’s relationship in detail.

He might have given listeners a little too much information, but surely, Lindsay did not mind hearing that she made her boyfriend happy.

Those who saw the two partying together said that Lindsay was all over Joaquin.

Despite the two never actually confirming the status of their relationship, Lindsay did admit she had a relationship with the actor by placing his name on her list.

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