Who is dating vanessa marano

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He assures her that they are just friends and even goes as far as almost breaking a picture of Daphne.She believes him until she tries to tell him about her art, but can't because Daphne is calling Emmett repeatedly.Emmett later waits for her in her art studio and tells her that it's not a scarf, it's a blindfold.He guides her to the billboard, where she sees that he tagged the billboard for her with her art. They decide that Bay should tell Daphne about them being together.She's worried that they won't communicate properly due to Bay being hearing and Emmett being deaf.She doesn't look happy about her son hanging out with a hearing girl.

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Later, they're making out in the park and Bay asks Emmett about a few words in sign language.

Emmett and Bay met each other in This Is Not a Pipe, when Emmett picked up Daphne from the Kennish house.

They started hanging out as friends in The Persistence of Memory, where Emmett helped Bay discover who her biological father really is.

She leaves the room, not without reminding Emmett to take his camera so that he can take more pictures of Daphne.

Bay turned to him for comfort at the end of the episode, when she found out that Regina knew about the switch for a long time.

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