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The ‘90s were such a magical place in New York City.

But I dressed up and was never told by them to never do it, so I just thought it was normal. But if you looked like, say, a librarian, would it all have not been as easy? I know how to do my hair and high kick, so I can’t imagine. I‘m sure it’s more difficult for people who aren’t as glamorous, sure. I'll let you comment on the irony, given the homophobic climate in Africa.

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Onstage at Barracuda, I interviewed Eartha Kitt, who was skittish, Tonya Harding, who was scary, and Martha Wash, who’s legendary. And Candis will never forget her time performing there in the '90s, not to mention the benefit they had there for her to get a new nose and breasts! They liked our connection, and then it went from there. I meant more like the relationship was not a healthy one. Have you ever sat Caitlyn down and said, “It’s not the best idea for you to back a party that doesn’t necessarily support your rights”? I think the show is nicely done, and I loved when you went to the camp for trans youth. Would your parents have been supportive if you’d told them as a kid that you wanted to transition? It turns out impressionist extraordinaire Jimmy James is getting licked in Africa! Jimmy told me: “They are sanctioned government stamps of Marilyn Monroe, with one interesting twist--I'm included! Candis is extremely prevalent on the show, and always well spoken to the point where this nouveau Laverne and Shirley have become TV’s most watchable duo. My act was more like dancing and laughing and having fun telling stories about what was going on in my life. Did those Barracuda years bond you with people that helped you evolve? First, let me remind you that Candis is the leggy, talented trans performer who’s been Caitlyn Jenner’s friend and tour guide on the surprisingly good , and now she’s highly visible all over again, as she advises Caitlyn on her personal progress and her ensembles, and even urges her to get out into the world and date a little. Probably around the same time I started working at Barracuda. Your act wasn’t mean and bitchy, as I recall; it was more playful and about show-womanship.Cayne also starred as the title character in the 1998 independent film Mob Queen, and won the 2001 Miss Continental pageant.In 2007 Cayne was cast as Annaka Manners in the 2007 Ru Paul film Starrbooty.

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