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She’s also the co-founder of this new wave group ‘Til Tuesday.Their name song Voices Carry managed to acquire the MTV Video Music Award for the Best New Artist.In 2012 she published her record Charmer which comprises a duet song with James Mercer of all “The Shins”.In 2013 she had been over headlines after she enticed Media Net Digital Inc. Before quitting himshe had dated her boyfriend that was also her group member.

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Find more information on Jennifer and her work, along with hundreds of free to access poems, short stories and videos at On today's episode, Jennifer talks about why the world loves Princess Diana, performance anxiety, bodies in the Thames and the current constitutional chaos in the UK.Featuring the poems: May Queen Sleeping With The Fishes The People’s Princess Of My Heart Art Ho Find more information on Jennifer Juan and her work, along with hundreds of free to access poems, short stories and videos at the poetry collection 27, With A White Lighter at the poetry collection Ol’ Brown Eyes Is Back at https://jenniferjuan.com/merchandise/books/ol-brown-eyes-is-back/ See Jennifer Juan perform live: https://jenniferjuan.com/events/ Find Jennifer Juan on social media: Twitter: @missjsquared Instagram: @missjsquared Tumblr: Tube: https:// Juan Rumbl: https://rumbl.me/user/5d41592c6c5b8616a2a47762?userid=5d41592c6c5b8616a2a47762 Patreon: https:// Bandcamp: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5a UVh1Lp3P6o5IW39iopy V?An American singer-songwriter, rock singer, bassist and guitarist who’s known as a part of this group ‘Til Tuesday from the 1980s.She finished her high school in Open High School in Richmond.

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