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Over a period of eight months before he died, the victim made a total of 19 bank transfers of more than CA0 thousand dollars to an account in Malaysia.Latin America is no stranger to such scams; in 2017, the Argentine media published a scam using Tinder.After investigating several cases, they reported that victims were contacted by a person apparently seeking a serious relationship, but living far away.These reports explained that the same MO was used in these cases: the scammer presented as an attractive woman, sent alluring pictures of herself to the victim, and eventually gained the victim’s trust.The embrace of online dating services, such as dating apps or virtual places to meet people, is a phenomenon that has occurred worldwide.According to Global Webindex, in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, apps and dating sites are accepted at about 45%, while in the United States and Europe the figure is about 28%.In popular lore, Operation Match and its founders created computer dating.

The first computer dating systems looked something like this: Your preferences were written down, usually in questionnaire form. You received a printout with addresses, so you could write to your matches. No pictures, and no information about their preferences, were included.The standard history of computer dating claims that it was invented, like so many other things, at Harvard University.By young people, of course, who were definitely men and, it seems to go without saying, white.But without a doubt, two of the most popular applications among the extensive great offerings that exist are Tinder and Happn, which claim more than 50 million users each.Although these apps and sites have the potential to bring great happiness into the lives of their customers, there is a darker side as well: scammers abuse these services to their own nefarious ends, leading to heartbreak both emotionally and financially for the scammers’ victims.

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