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Others would err on the side of "hey," "morn," "nite," and the like. "Texting is supposed to be short and to the point," says Alex."Long text messages are difficult to read and respond to."It can keep partners informed about what’s happening and the surroundings." Carver agrees — and it can be fun, she says: "Partners enjoy seeing their lover looking good.

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"Texting without seeing each other or talking with each other will surely be a buzzkill for any relationship in the long run," she says."Selfies can be good if you’re separated," says Tessina.

Like any kind of abuse, this can ruin a relationship."There are a lot of hours between morning and night. At least text something like 'Hi, I was just thinking about you and smiling! Communicate as a lover, even when texting."Carver adds, "Most couples use nicknames, or text cute messages when apart." And even if texting might seem like "yeah, yeah, whatever" sometimes, it's is necessary, says Brooke Christian, founder of Flirty Girl.

' or 'I wish I could send you a kiss through the phone. XXXXXXX.'" Cute."For those who see each other every day," says Carver, "you should try to send more than a one-word text." Even just something small can make a difference. If you're early in the relationship, saying something like "I hope you are having a good day" is nice, says Martinez.

"Three times are plenty" on the average day, says Alex — aka the Guru of Getting It On.

Psychologist Nikki Martinez agrees, telling Bustle that three to five times a day is perfect.

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