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Snopes has declared the "free Sony Ericsson Laptop" giveaway to be false.

Most free laptop websites will require you to take up a number of online offers to get your free laptop.

Or they will get you to sign a contract for a product such as broadband which will have a monthly subscription cost - then as part of the package they send you a free laptop with broadband. Some restaurants around in your area provide free wifi. Just make sure you have a wifi adapter with your laptop to receive the free wifi.

Ok heres what you have to do is go out and f*cking buy a mother f*cking lap top and when you get home plug your f*cking laptop in and once you get it f*cking working go to a website called (its the best way and easiest) once you there scroll down until you see a video that looks promising and whatch it and it will hook you up for free!!!!

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