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Right away when you interact with Poncho, you’re greeted with a fun gif that gives you an idea of what this chatbot is all about: The main goal of Poncho is to give you regular weather updates.To do that, they first have to determine your location (which you can type out manually or simply allow Location Access to let Poncho determine it automatically).Was ein Chatbot alles kann, wie man ihn benutzt und wie sicher er ist, erfahren Sie bei Verivox.Notice how this Facebook bot follows the same process as a live salesperson.That’s the idea behind Poncho, the chatbot that has quickly grown to become one of the most popular on Facebook.And for good reason: It does a fantastic job of combining great usable content with fun branding.Seitdem entwickelte sich die Technik stetig weiter.Chatbots werden Menschen in vielen Lebensbereichen unterstützen.

And just like the Wall Street Journal chatbot, e Bay makes great use of carousels to display products and categories: The conversation then leads to e Bay’s Shopt Bot showing you a few results.

And second, it’s a great example of how to generate social media leads on autopilot for your business!

Notice the formula O’Neill follows in this chatbot: first, deliver value while showcasing your expertise.

Giving people a clear opt-out keyword is a great way to help maintain your Many Chat list hygiene and ensure that you’re only sending messages to interested prospects & customers. While he has your attention, creator Nick O’Neill takes a second to qualify you as a lead for his company Bot Partners.

If you indicate that you’d like help building a bot, you’ll be qualified as a lead after three easy questions. First of all, this is one of the first hints we’re seeing of video courses and even potential membership “sites” that can be run entirely inside of Facebook Messenger.

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