Vmware consolidating snapshots

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One of the servers we run on v Sphere 4.1 is having issues.

Apparently it runs on the snapshots that are used for backup purposes.

Committing a snapshot on a VM fails and you can’t get your VM to boot again because there are disks missing.

This could happen because when initiating Delete or Delete All snapshots, the snapshot details are deleted from Snapshot Manager, then the snapshot files are consolidated and merged to another snapshot file or to the virtual machine parent disk.

After consolidation, redundant disks are removed, which improves virtual machine performance and saves storage space. This might happen, for example, if you delete a snapshot but its associated disk does not commit back to the base disk.You should immediately get the ‘needs consolidation’ message in the v Sphere client.The snapshot Consolidation command searches for hierarchies or delta disks to combine without violating data dependency.This could lead to problems where a VM that didn’t look as though it had any active snapshots, was still actually writing to the delta files.Now, when a VM has had issues consolidating its snapshots you will see a message on the Summary tab for the virtual machine: When you see this, you can run a Consolidation on the virtual machine to commit the delta files to the base disk: If you want to test the process, create a snapshot on your virtual machine, then run the following in Power CLI: This will remove the snapshot, without committing the delta files.

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