Validating qualitative research

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ISO defines verification as the “confirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, which specified requirements had been fulfilled” (3.8.12 of [2]).Validation is defined as the “confirmation, through the provision of objective evidence, that the requirements for a specific intended use or application have been fulfilled” (3.8.13 of [2]).For example, a medical thermometer is a reliable tool that would measure the correct temperature each time it is used.In the same way, a reliable math test will accurately measure mathematical knowledge for every student who takes it and reliable research findings can be replicated over and over.

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A reliability coefficient is a measure of how well a test measures achievement.

The validation concepts in this essay only deal with the final binary result that can be applied to any qualitative test. However, the concepts can be applied to any other qualitative test.

Verification and validation definitions are sometimes confusing in practice.

On a qualitative test view, the element is the binary result, and the class is the disease or nondisease group of subjects.

So, the model determines the probability of a patient or a healthy individual to be truly classified as infected or noninfected.

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