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How do you get started with identifying the true causes of defects?

This article examines 10 techniques that are proven to help you get to the heart of your data quality issues and move from a reactive to proactive and longer-term defect elimination.

Eventually all manufacturing processes will experience problems with non-conforming parts, equipment failure resulting in lost productivity or rework expenses and possible increased scrap.Some of them can sometimes be completed by one person, but in most cases a Cross Functional Team (CFT) approach will reap the greatest benefits and increase chances of reaching the true “root cause”.There are also several problem solving methods that use Root Cause Analysis within their problem solving process, such as Eight Disciplines of Problem Solving (8D), Six Sigma / DMAIC, or Kaizen.The root cause has also been described as an underlying or fundamental cause of a non-conformance, defect or failure.Furthermore, the term “root cause” can also be referred to as the precise point in the causal chain where applying a corrective action or intervention would prevent the non-conformance from occurring.

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