Validating multiple controls Friendly chat rooms apps

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Validation is used to confirm that both passwords match - if they do, a button is enabled to allow the user to proceed: My problem is that the user can alter the password in the first box, and it won't force the second password box to re-validate.

Also there is no way to specify multiple validaiton group using the Validation Group property of the button control.The way to solve this problem is to call Page_Client Validate javascript function.Page_Client Validate is a javascript function generated by ASP. The function takes validation group name as an argument.This is only a simple example and you could take it further by looking at the rest of the control name say txt String Address which would allow you to give more friendly error messages specific to the correct field. Focus() Return False End If End If Next Else If Type Of cnt Is Text Box Then 'check if it should be string If cnt. Starts With("txt String") Then 'check if its valid value If cnt. Text) Then 'if not show error and exit sub Message Box.Private Function Check Control Validation(By Val cnt As Control) As Boolean Try If Type Of cnt Is Group Box or Type Of cnt Is Panel Then For Each control As Control In cnt. Show("Please enter Numeric Values for Phone Numbers") cnt.

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