Updating views sql server

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You can grant permissions to a view without allowing users to query the original tables.A view is a logical table but what it stores internally is a select statement that is used for creating the view.You do that by closing and re-opening the SQL Spreads Design mode by clicking the Design mode button in the SQL Spreads ribbon in Excel.So, we can think of a view either as a compiled SQL query or a virtual table.Simply adding WITH SCHEMABINDING to the end of the CREATE VIEW statement will accomplish this.

Therefore, SQL Server requires that schema binding is used to prevent the view’s schema (and therefore the underlying tables) from changing. Please post your feedback, question, or comments about this article.

The view can also be considered as a virtual table.

That means we can think the view either as a compiled SQL query or a virtual table. Name AS Department Name FROM Employee emp INNER JOIN Department dept ON emp. ID Actually, the UPDATE statement, updated the Department Name from IT to HR in the Department table, instead of updating the Dept ID column in Employee table.

As a view represents a virtual table it does not physically store any data by default.

When we query a view we actually, retrieve the data from the underlying database tables.

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