Updating motherboard chipset laura mitchell dating

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But that’s not what AMD actually , and as a practical matter, it’s not even clear that this issue is going to hit the customers who intend to upgrade.

AMD’s formal commitment is to support AM4 through 2020.AMD’s Ryzen launch-era chipset diagram (with the A320’s features and positioning) is shown below: The number of enthusiasts with a low-end A320 motherboard looking to upgrade is going to be fairly low.These are inexpensive boards for the most part, with a price tag around .The motherboard companies themselves would not have known how well Ryzen would sell or which boards would prove popular. We’re just seeing motherboard companies post lists of the boards they intend to update without A320 listed.If you’re an A320 owner and feel strongly on the issue, I suggest contacting your motherboard manufacturer.

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