Tyler perry and taraji henson dating

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The one and only Nia Long will be joining Taraji P.

, the couple has offered more details about their discussion with Tyler Perry where A-list African-American actors and actresses are concerned. Henson was one of the actresses mentioned in the discussion. Henson fans are well aware of the actress’ filmography.

The fan still had to get the last word and concluded with this…

Taraji never responded to the fan again, because it seems as though she got her point across the first time.

Insult, meet injury.” Mo’Nique has revealed Tyler Perry was absolutely shocked to know just how much A-list African-American actors and actresses are paid in Hollywood.

Regardless of their talent, achievements, or celebrity status, they just aren’t treated the same as the Brad Pitt’s and Angelina Jolie’s of the world.

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