Tv2 dating show

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A2 TV is a national TV channel and is part of the Turkuvaz Media Group. Akilli TV is a local TV video sharing channel from Istanbul. It offers interesting and fun videos from the Smart TV television channel and continues to meet its audience since 2007.

TRT 1, the first television channel is owned by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation. TRT 1 broadcasts in a large spectrum of programs ranging from news, music, entertainment, drama, sports to education and arts along with commercial breaks.

The 2nd season started in fall The show had one season on RTL Klub in and had moderate ratings and so it wasn't renewed for a second season.

Cool TV[ edit ] Originally Cool TV had the target audience of 15—29 urban youths who love music, externals, clothes, trendy lifestyle and extravagance.

RTL Klub purchased the broadcasting rights of the FIFA World Cup but it didn't have enough airing time for all of the matches, and therefore Sport Klub was launched by the parent company to fill in.

It aired certain matches of the English and the Spanish league, however its main competitors, the sports channels run by the Hungarian public service television MTV , Sport1 and Sport2, have the first pick of the matches they would like to air.

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