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While wrestling in ECW, Psaltis took one college class a semester because of her love of learning and reading.

She also took acting classes with the intention of becoming an actress after her career in professional wrestling was over.

The two women settled their differences at Armageddon with Dawn coming out on top.

In 2005, Dawn Marie reunited with Lance Storm at ECW One Night Stand and helped him score a victory over Chris Jericho, but would leave WWE soon after.

In January 2006, she filed a complaint against WWE with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, claiming that her contract had been wrongfully terminated as a result of her pregnancy and that she had suffered mental duress as a result of the release. Psaltis gave birth to her second child, a girl named Katelyn Marie in May 2009.

As she did with Torrie, Dawn Marie got invovled in Jackie's personal life, claiming she had an affair with the beauty's fiancee, Charlie Haas.After seven years together, their relationship had come to an end Later, Psaltis met a man named Matthew, whom she married in June 2005 in Las Vegas.In December 2005, Psaltis gave birth to her first child, a boy named Matthew.Psaltis began dating Simon Diamond in October 1998.Before dating, the two had been good friends for almost two years.

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