Tights dating

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Robin finds that much of what he knew of England has gone to ruin, including his longtime family home having been taken away, all at the hands of the evil Prince John, Richard's brother who has assumed the throne in Richard's absence.

Neurotic John is basically being controlled by the equally evil Sheriff of Rottingham, everything they do to fatten their own coffers at the expense of the commoners and peasants.

They plan to hold an archery tournament to attract Robin.

Maid Marian hears of the plot, and sneaks out of her castle to warn Robin, accompanied by her German lady-in-waiting Broomhilde.

Before Robin and Marian can attempt to open the lock, Broomhilde arrives, insisting they get married first.

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DIRECTOR TRADEMARK (Mel Brooks): A character says, "Walk this way".

After winning the fight Robin spares the Sheriff's life only to miss his sheath and accidentally run the Sheriff through.

The witch Latrine, Prince John's cook and adviser, saves him by giving him a magical Life Saver in exchange for marriage.

At the archery tournament, a disguised Robin makes it to the final round, but loses after his arrow is split in two by his opponent.

Robin reviews the movie's script to discover that he gets another shot.

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