The formview fired event itemupdating

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Here is my post and if you have minute can you take a look at it see if you can spot anything wrong with it. Hello there,this trick does'nt work in my case. The grid view is usedto show rows in the DB and when clicked to edit each row, a form view opens up in edit mode with that particular row info. My first question mandatory to have smth in the itemtemplate of the form view.

because after Page_Load it does'nt fire any event and my form view get disappeared. I have controls in edititemtemplate and insertitemtemplate.

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I have added checkbox's Checked Changed event handler in the itemdatabound event of Listview which is not getting fired when i click the checkbox. Regular control does not fire event when it is placed in custom control.So always keep in ind:1) Add controls to the control tree for the postback ev... Button control event not firing on a wizard control? On one of the wizardsteps, I have a button control and the server side click event will not fire! The page itself is an order form, which will have typical payment info (address, credit card, etc.), and the ability to select what you are paying for.Firing an event handler on an button which is generated dynamically in an user control present in update panel I have created an user control which is placed in update panel. Our clients will have several options in how they want the page setup.Using a user control 2 times on a page: first one fires all events, second one fires all events but not 4 buttons Hello!Edit solved: The problem was that depending on the databind i didn't add the buttons to the control tree instead of simple set visible to false.

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