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Read more about speed reading trainers by Susan Norman and Jan Cisek available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle and paperback “This book on speed reading was recommended by a friend and it becomes my first aid guide for my study (I’m a psychology student).It’s full of very useful information, mixed with great exercises which everybody can apply in their reading or studying.I’m a teacher myself and I’m full of admiration for their skills of transferring their knowledge and wisdom.I’m recommending this book to all my friends and family. Thank you, Susan and Jan for the vital skills that will stay with me forever.” Students – university courses typically require you to read 30 or more books a week.“If you really wanna get spicy with it, you turn southpaw,” Lozada says.

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(Check out Adam’s experience after doing our photoreading – speed reading training.) Computing, law, medicine – and other subjects where you need very detailed information. Speed reading shows you how to get layers of information – including those last details – in a fraction of the time it takes using old-fashioned reading.And yes, it works for everyone – you don’t need special skills before you start. The more you read and play with information, the better your reading ability (read ‘txtng gd 4 rdng’) and link gestures with words you want to remember – actors take note!(‘Gesturing helps learning’ – read our Speed Reading Blog).It’s important to make sure your arm and leg are in coordination all the way through.Once you get to the end of the ladder, return going in the opposite direction with the same arm and leg.

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