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Yet is it undeniable that when men voice these very sentiments with regard to not dating a woman with children they're called selfish pigs? " You, you hypothetical you, may not; but it IS the general sentiment out there, make no mistake. Of course, also of note is that many, many of the women here who have stated they have NO desire for children and would not date a man with children are part of a significantly younger crowd -- and the trend for several years now has been toward not procreating.

WHICH IS FINE -- definitely don't get me wrong there.

Men who have had kids also carry a lot of emotional baggage from the relationship they had with their child's mother and it is very difficult to get passed it.

Men find it harder to trust women once women dog them and it always in my experience reflects in their future relationships.

Another woman made an excellent point which caused at least a couple of you to sniff a bit, when LEVOW said (quite wrongly, in my opinion) the bit about the "poor children".

It's NOT the fault of the kids; but it's not the fault OR the responsibility of the newcomer, either. When I'm in a position to I'll go out of my way to help them; I've devoted a significant amount of time and money to abandoned or fostered children in hospitals and homes -- BUT that doesn't make them MY responsibility.

We could split the check amicably and go our separate ways, no hard feelings and loads of time and effort SAVED.

Hey there, i don't date men who have kids because i don't want to get serious with someone who has already had children.

I want to experience parent hood with the man i marry and i hope that we both can share the first time experience together.

I can think of few worse things than being placed in a position of responsibility BUT not having the power to do something about it.

It's all well and good to wax philosophical ala Peter Parker's uncle Ben, espousing that with great power comes great responsibility; but people tend to forget that when you shove a lot of responsibility onto someone's shoulders you need to give them commensurate power to enforce what they need in order to maintain that responsibility!

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