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Senegal's economy is centered mostly on commodities and natural resources.

Major industries are fish processing, phosphate mining, fertilizer production, petroleum refining, construction materials, and ship construction and repair.

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Archaeological findings throughout the area indicate that Senegal was inhabited in prehistoric times and has been continuously occupied by various ethnic groups.

Some kingdoms were created around the 7th century: Takrur in the 9th century, Namandiru and the Jolof Empire during the 13th and 14th centuries. Islam was introduced through Toucouleur and Soninke contact with the Almoravid dynasty of the Maghreb, who in turn propagated it with the help of the Almoravids, and Toucouleur allies.

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Alternatively, the name could derive from the Wolof phrase "Sunuu Gaal," which means "our boat." The territory of modern Senegal has been inhabited by various ethnic groups since prehistory.With it being a multiethnic and secular nation, Senegal is predominantly Sunni Muslim with Sufi and animist influences.French is the official language, although many native languages are spoken and recognized.Denmark Gay Dating Based On Astrological Sign Hornet, The Gay gay dating a senegal man Social Network app how to use an online gay dating service analytics.Date Black Women In Dakar, Senegal New Now Next In doing so, the most widely used gay dating app in the world is wrestling with its Francesca that many men responded negatively to his assumed ethnicity.

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