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All four of us kids missed our left behind friends, but, the new friends we made became very close over the years.Larry lived 'next door' about a half mile away and was a tall, lanky, hard working farm boy. » Read more This story happened when I was in the UN service in Somalia on leave to Thailand and from there Tokio Japan with some japanese friends from the service in Somalia.

There are new members all the time and I have made several close friends already and have found a pretty sexy playmate ( we'll just call him my cam slut- you know who you are ;-) ) The chat rooms are well moderated and comfortable and you can always find some one to talk to who understands what it is like to be bisexual.

We was partying around with the jap.friends as guides and after a very wet night they invited us to something that translates to a Pleasurehouse. » Read more So now I have determined that after about eight years of marriage, my wife masturbates, even though she won't admit to it. I was hanging out at a local hippie house and someone asked if there was a good spot on a local river we could go swimming? Had to take a fence apart to get into the place but I, a good ol' farm boy had the tools.... One day my friend and I were going to walk in the frozen meadow that leads to a lake by her dads apartment.

It is quite erotic for me to know this and watch her as I did once. We were playing some childish game like we were stranded out in Antartica or something.

To us this is a total violation of our rights just like alot of other things that is going on in our government that we have no idea about at this time.

There are ways to get these things taken care of so it does not affect everyone and the people that can do it are working on it very hard so lets give them a chance to get things settled and things altered, Dare Us2Do U2Hi there, I have been to a lot of match making sites.

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