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reply that is to be made to the objections wines the Allies o Weria" to" th« basis for mediation as .proposed by the 'invers. 4 I conneetion with the development the former Songhees Reserve area the heart of Victoria city, hereafter lie the centre point of railway and Industrial activity for the Island, the Minister of Public Works and Hallways, In of in to Hon. Is losing no time in initiating preliminary operations so that as soon as the formal memorandum of agreement signed by the yartous interests directly affected chief among these belnwr the Canadian Paclflo and Canadian . have f Klth The that the calling of more troops was under consideration tonight, waa taken as an indication that A peaceable settlument was still a remote possibility.The concession to Bulgaria is acceptance of her proposal that the frontier of the ot toman Empire shall be a Straight line between Kirns iin.l Media, Instead of (following the course of the Krgene ana Murlf/a Rivers, as the 1'mver.s first suggested. Northern Pacific Railway (ompanies, the City of Victoria and —Investigating; — Charges Against Official. With over 300 miles of street car tracks to patrol, the .1,000 men under command of Brigadier-General Welch proved an ineffective policing fact If ' more troops are to be brought here, must be Issued by Governor the order Sulxer. The have Belgian movement appears to been planned with extraordinary the workers are determined, and in the Justice of their Cg Use, the resources at their disposal are considerable, and they have the practical, though unofficial support «f the lib- erals.While reserving- the status of -the Aegean Islands for futuri di ti rminatlon by the Powers, they seek to placate Greece by giving assurances that a majority of them will be ceded l« her. is understood that a report will be forwarded to the Governor tonight, accompanied by recommendations from General G'Rysn, commanding officer of the State National Guard, who now is It Troops Ttrs on Crowd The most serious riot of the dsy occurred on Niagara Street, near the International boundary, near where the Niagara Street carllnes pass under an overhead railroad bridge. The rioters were prepared to drop more obstructions when troops Jsared. The Bleu has promised formally to pay ,000 per week Into the atrike fund as long as the movement lasts, ami the strikers assert thst they can hold out for six weeks. .4tni*t*r of the Interior pu Mlely stated today that the reeeeti * mors vigorous campaign has not been Mutdo in the north i« that the Ci«Tet»ia*ftt MWk* j j in. Boston Docto ical , April regarding the condition of the Pope are to the effect that his condition is not serious, and that there is no immediate optiposition. v say thai contributions to the strike fund are pouring in from many outside sources, and they now estimate that they ,nn ,t maintain the strik foi weeks, least -f OUr and perhaps six.The Powers also reserve the question of war Indemnity Cor settlement by a Buy Off to MYE Railway ous Companies Ae Expected Almost Immediately by Government, Of Russian Sympathy The naval blockade ol Antlvart, provoked nothing but derision, extension to an Albanian port, probably San Giovanni de Medua, Is expected. , ,.- TODAY'S SUMMARY Effort Unlrt Peace — Powers" Women Destroy More Property, Placing Check on Obstruction. A gang of rioters carrying heavy timbers rushed upon tha bridge as a car was approaching and tried to drop a railroad li* upon It. t (tenerally that them to Another warning ordered halt. Many Belgians believe that thla strike win prove a turning point in the his J e tit Belgium; that It will result In conditions of Incalculable importance; and some even predk-L a revolution, the separation of the Wallon and Flemish Provinces or a dynastic tory of political crisis. BOSTON, will the striking carmen of the International Railway Company and their sympathizers today, and the riotous scenes of former days of the strike were numerous and of a more serious nature. Humors of a mlnh'ter Ul crisis and plots agaifist pt*om)fleh.t Clericals have been in oiroulii inn, '.oi' the ruinor?They have agreed on the 1 of The WIDOW'S HAYSTACK GIVEN TO FLAMES WILL UNDERGO OPERATION st eal 'p owers concessions to the ' Moves TWENTY-FOUR PAGES 1913 10, inundlne he eit.v to uend a deluge of' water into the town, which carried rocks, driftwood and debris, all of which was deposited In the city streets.

Mainland— -Light to mhclerat* win**, chiefly cloudy and moderately with occasional showrrs warm (ICft TABUft HKD 101— FIFTY-FIFTH YEAR NO, Some VICTORIA, Allies Concerning Proposed FLOOD VISITS HOT SPRINGS Sermon by »ev. Arkansas assort Sugars Daanag* From Worst Inttftdatlom Sam Sara in Many Tears Mad* In of Hamilton May Lead to Another Suit la Court. Said Have Refused to Further Supplies of and Reinforcements tenegro — Money Mon- to Russ' Sympathy, L OKOON A p ril 0. win make certain ' Doctors dive Advice aa to Illness The LONDON, April B.— An official announcement issuw J Clarence from House, the London residence of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught, states that In order to prevent recurrence of the attacks of abdominal illness from which Her Royal Highness suffered In Canada, the Oneness has been advised to undergo an operation. Previous iittempts at political, as distinguished from economic strikes, invariably have ended in failure, notably In Spdin and Prance, ana the opinion h»a bc«m held strike skill, ment. of Closure —no x p o j T, Apm ' ».-- ine Wi LL PROCEED Strenuously ' - OTTAWA, was one In t which the court had no and In which cc»teution the court acquiesced.tion his est No Chance rati fled any make himself heard on account of the uproar, but managed to make his mo- the box was paintad Votes for women.The water Bombs Are Also Used, the record tor Hot fairings.rain ctiu-sed the mountains a to Passenger Trains Are Burned, Endangering Many Lives to SS. OFF KING NICHOLAS u — grand Jurors brought in "no bill" in the defamatory libel action uist Rev. Ross,, the pastor de' ed that a repetition of the attack on him would be followed by another ac- PROPOSAL TO BUY 117 to MOT SPRINGS, Ark., April t This resort suffered 150,000 damage today from the worst flood In ten years. this morning 6.6F inches of rain fell, A.— The de- April ij Circulation Job Printing Editorial Rooms i mada nunciation of "Pastor" Kussell by Rev. Ross on Sunday evening In the course of his sermon on "Russell and Itussellism" lias aroused such feeling among Russell'* followers in this city that there is a probability of another civil action being started against Reply in VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, THURSDAY, APRIL Ion Concessions Are Offered Balkan to ii Business Office It**) CASE OF PASTOR RUSSELL Attaok m mi to i i COLONIS T TELE PHONES — Victor}* and VUtnltv Ught to mcderste ebtefly cloudy and moderately warm "I"** with ahowara April ft.— The discovery of a chemical process which develops human cancer in" healthy rabbits and guinea pigs and the resultant production of a serum hy which rabbits have been renannounced last dered Immune, were night by Or. Nowell, of the Boston College of Medicine, in an address at the seventy-third annual meeting of the Massachusetts Homeopathic Medical Society. Nowell has been engaged In original research alontr.

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