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Nicholas the Wonderworker on the island of Talabsk (Zalit) in the Pskov Diocese.Being himself a great elder, Archimandrite John (Krestiankin) said of Archpriest Nikolai that he was “the only true clairvoyant elder on the territory of the former USSR.” Stepan Ignashev, Vladimir Fedukov Twenty-five years ago, artist Vladimir Fedukov moved with his family from the city to a rural village in the Russian north.Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod and Chernobyl In this interview, His Eminence Metropolitan Pavel of Vyshgorod, the abbot of the Holy Dormition Kiev Caves Lavra, speaks about how we should spend the Dormition Fast, how we should approach Holy Communion, and about the significance of the feasts that fall during the Fast.Lent is quickly approaching for the world’s 2 billion Christians, and on February 11, Eastern Orthodox churches take the first steps steps toward their traditional Lenten fast with Meatfare Sunday.

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Dmitry Lapa This article is dedicated to two female saints of Ireland, whose wide veneration from ancient times has continued in the Emerald Isle.

Both of them are venerated by modern Orthodox Christians today, and both are depicted on the icon of the Synaxis of All the Saints of Britain and Ireland that can be found in the Russian Dormition Patriarchal Cathedral in London and elsewhere.

Their names are Attracta of Killaraght and Monenna of Killeavy.

This fast is dedicated to the Theotokos, and the Most Holy Virgin Mary herself becomes our helper in our spiritual development.

Let us make ourselves worthy to see the Taboric light through the Sacrament of Repentance, through purifying ourselves from sins.

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