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Once upon a time there lived a diligent, thirty year old investment banker who was known to do little other than work. “You can sit with him.” The investment banker turns around to find an unassuming young man, probably in his late twenties, sporting a scruffy beard and wearing baggy blue jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of old white Converse shoes. The investment banker turns back around to face the host and nods reluctantly in agreement. Look, even if I’m not emailed or called it takes over a week to switch off properly. As he makes his way in, his phone goes off again and he comes to a sudden halt. And if I need to use an office then I can do so.” The investment banker is confused. He knows little about the company apart that they have a staff of 23 people in two offices: New York and San Francisco.More than handsomely rewarded by the investment bank for his contributions, he was never short of money and had a penchant for luxurious living. The finest French wine, Savile Row tailored suits and watches only the very best Swiss watchmakers could concoct. His potential table partner is holding what appears to be a worn-out, brown leather journal in his right hand. The host, in turn, looks over at the second man who offers an approving smile. Follow me,” asserts the host as he rapidly moves toward the free table. By the time I get into the holiday mood it’s time to return or think about the crap waiting for me in the office. He feels the tension rising and prays he won’t have to stay up again and work through the night. He breathes a sigh of relief and then quickly answers and chats on the phone for a short while and tells his friend about Mumbai and how he’s just been seated at a restaurant with a pleasant “hippie blogger”. The investment banker joins the rest of the team to sit in on the meeting with the social media company’s executives. Unfortunately, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t spot a free table anywhere. A table will be free soon,” shouts the restaurant host from across the floor. He asks both men what they’d like to eat but they’ll both just be having drinks tonight. Less stress would be fantastic.” He smiles and points to his scalp. But the kind of money I make now is very difficult to walk away from. Later, when I’ve got all the money I need I’ll pursue all my passions. I’ll take my team, leave the bank and establish a boutique investment bank. He points right over the investment banker’s left shoulder. Bye.” His heart is pounding so he stays outside a minute longer before stepping back inside. “Need to be more like you.” He takes out a couple of notes and places them on a the table. Drinks are on me.” “No, let’s split it,” suggests the blogger. “It was a pleasure.” “Likewise,” replies the blogger. America’s largest media recently expressed an interest to acquire a social media news site for over 0 million and the bank is hoping to advise the seller and his team.“So what brings you to Mumbai,” asks the investment banker attempting to break the ice. I love the buzz in Mumbai” replies the second man with glowing eyes. He’s delighted with himself for having rightly identified a travel bum. “Actually, you can make decent money online nowadays.” Feeling a little embarrassed the investment banker explains to the blogger that he’s accustomed to a certain lifestyle. I’m sure for some a few thousand dollars a month is enough but that doesn’t do much for me. “So how long do you think it will take before you get to where you want? The investment banker moves a little closer to the blogger. The next move is to get promoted to Global Head of Investment Banking. Finally, I’ll sell the firm for millions and start living the good life.” The blogger is curious. “First of all, whatever I do afterwards I’ll make sure to represent me, myself and I.” “Represent yourself? “That’s right.” The investment banker goes on to explain how everything he does and says is done in order to represent the investment bank he works for. “Isn’t travel a big part of your job” asks the blogger.

Among the disappeared is Matthew Werner, a banking insider at Swiss United, a powerful offshore bank.

He divided his time working between London and New York. The two young men follow the host and take their seats amidst the restaurant’s exhilarating ambiance. Even when it happens its not always a real holiday. I’m included in all emails, a hundred a day will come in at times. Listen, I can tell you everything about Mumbai from a traveler’s standpoint. But that’s because I’ve read it on inflight magazines so many times. And I’ve been here nearly a dozen times in the last nine months alone. He becomes agitated, excuses himself and steps out of the restaurant. “I wish I could have a carefree life like this guy. They walk into the conference room to find, seated around an impressive oval mahogany table, a middle-age man who introduces himself as a lawyer and an attractive woman whose business card reads Chief Operating Officer. Something catches the investment banker’s attention. On the table in front of the empty seat directly across from him he notices a distinct leather journal. “Apologies, I had to pop out and use the bathroom.” The man takes his seat directly across from the investment banker. I’m the founder and CEO of the company.” The investment banker instantaneously recognizes him.

It was commonplace to believe that he was living the life. It’s Friday night and, having spent the last three days working from before sunrise until well past sunset, he decides to abandon the palatial Taj Mahal Palace hotel and go out for a drink. He isn’t particularly excited about having to share a table with a complete stranger. The investment banker immediately takes out his Blackberry. I want a month off, or better yet three.” “Don’t you get two weeks normally,” asks the blogger. “That’s no good.” The blogger can’t quite understand why someone would delay enjoying life for so long with little guarantee that things will be just right that far into the future. Just cruising without a worry in the world.” He finishes off his conversation and returns to the table.

The polished concierge enthusiastically recommends a well-known Mumbai institution only steps away from the hotel called Leopold Cafe. A waiter comes round and places two menus on the table. “So when do you return home to work, wherever that is?

“The restaurant serves delectable dishes and popular drinks and is frequented by writers, artists, travellers, business people, Bollywood actors and even escaped convicts,” says the concierge with a head bobble. His eyes dart around the restaurant until he finally notices a couple whose table is being cleared. The second man picks up a menu and kindly offers it to the investment banker. I go from airport to hotel room to meeting places then back to the hotel room and then off to the airport.

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