Pisces woman dating gemini man who is carlton banks dating

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For this reason, the Gemini man does not fall in love easily or often.

Thoughts, not emotions, influence him the most, so get him talking about his opinions.

While they may have their quiet moments, the Gemini man or woman feels closest to someone who they can share invigorating conversation with.A social sign, the Gemini man is most comfortable in social situations, holding forth on a variety of topics, ideas, and opinions.Gemini men love interesting company and are fascinated by the different and the exotic.Trust me, he or she will be yours in no time, but you’ve gotta make sure that you’re ready for the action. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Geminis are the communicators—and gossipers—of the zodiac.If it happened, they know about it, or will in the next half hour or so.

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