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This document usually contains a description of the invention and at least one claim used to define the sought scope of protection. In the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), "Chapter I" refers to the prosecution procedure when no demand under Article 31 PCT is made.

The states selected under Chapter I by the applicant are called "designated States".

Available data: While all Australian patent records are available online, some records have missing specifications.

An application for a patent, or patent application, is a request by a person or company to the competent authority (usually a patent office) to grant him a patent.

By extension, a patent application also refers to the content of the document which that person or company filed to initiate the application process. law concept according to which, if "the extent of the monopoly claimed [in a patent] exceeds the technical contribution to the art made by the invention as described in the specification", the patent may be revoked on the ground of insufficiency of disclosure. Medeva, issued by the House of Lords on 31 October 1996. The practice of a patent holding company buying a patent, offering a license to its members and then selling or donating the patent after a certain period of time.

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