Odessa ukraine dating scams

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The scene usually looks the same, one Western man sitting with a very attractive Ukrainian girl that is likely in her twenties and another young woman that serves as a translator between the two since there is an obvious language barrier in most cases.

While bride industries are nothing new in countries like Asia or Eastern Europe, right now Odessa is the hotspot for men that want to fall in love with their new bride.

One company in Odessa named Anastasia Date offers its members a ten day romance tour of the city.

Last year the company managed to turn over £90m in revenue because of its chat services that allow men to pay as much as a pound per minute just to talk with women that might be a good match for them.

Odessa is the major location for most Western men looking for love, so it pays to take a much closer look into what Odessa may have to offer a single man looking for the perfect match.

Most foreign men practically fall over when they walk through the streets of Odessa as beautiful women are everywhere.

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