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I only got the dresser back after I went to Magistrate’s court to fight him for it.

Long story short my son and I lost everything because they also stole a baby cradle that I bought for my son antique baby cradle at a second hand store.

But she did the sad fact is he takes care of her two kids one of which may not even be his and doesn’t even claim my signed away his right after she even told me over the phone when he did have rights that she would not help him take care of my son if he got unsupervised visitation.

The reason he had unsupervised visitation as until after I was pregnant I did not find out that he is a registered sex offender who knowingly raped a 12 year old when he was 19 years old.

You might think that I’m stupid because yes I admitted he was the sex offender but I didn’t know about his past until after I was pregnant and I also have cerebral palsy and at the time I was desperate to be accepted and loved so if that makes me stupid I stand guilty but long story short I just wanted to be loved I didn’t realize that he and she were setting me up to be conned and taken advantage of and this is my way of calling her out on it.

He neglects and always has neglected his three sons one is now 12 the other is 19 and my son is nearly eight the only children that he does anything for and goes out of his way for or her two girls the other one is seven and the other one is either 3 or almost 4 and he spoils them like they’re little princesses yet he’s never done anything for my son in the two years that he did have rights from the time my son was 17 months old until he signed away his rights when my son was two years old so I guess you’d say less than 2 years but he did that on his own he waited until my son was 17 months old to take me to court because he was mad because I asked for child support I begged him when my son was born to come and see his son and he refused he was too busy with her and her child the one that is 5 months younger than mine and in fact I will tell you that I don’t believe that child is even his she looks nothing like any of his other ones and the other ones resemble each other to a certain extent.

The bottom line is I really love this man and his two boys they weren’t mine but I consider them mine in fact the three-year-old at the time I was the one that potty trained him and took care of him on a daily basis when neither his dad or his mother were around and and and just loved him as he as if he were my own and also did with the eleven-year-old so when she destroyed our family it broke my heart.

People like her have no class and deserve everything that they get when it comes down to Karma if there is such a thing as karma.

At the time we ran a bingo hall canteen in Anderson South Carolina and he kept his cells in a notebook where I found the letter and confronted him on it he denied that they had anything to do with each other yet she was leaving order pads where we order food on the back of it with hearts and his name and her name on it along with the nasty letter that she wrote proving that she did not care that she was ruining a family.

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