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Our ACADIA still as the GM full warrantee but the dealer will not fix.

Check for SYNC software update under the OASIS Tab SYNC selection.

XM Radio uses two Boeing HS 702 satellites, appropriately nicknamed "Rock" and "Roll," and two BSS 702 satellites it calls "Rhythm" and "Blues," placed in parallel geostationary orbit, two at 85 degrees west longitude and the other two at 115 degrees west longitude.

Geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) is about 22,223 miles (35,764 km) above Earth, and is the type of orbit most commonly used for communications satellites.

In urban areas, where buildings can block out the satellite signal, XM's broadcasting system is supplemented by ground transmitters. XM began delivering chipsets to its XM radio manufacturing partners in October 2000.

The chipset consists of two custom integrated circuits designed by STMicroelectronics.

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