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Users can create a profile, search and browse profiles and send pre-scripted messages free of charge, but are asked to subscribe in order to use the site's email and instant messenger systems. Headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec, but the site is international.

Mate1is open to everyone over the age of 18, though its marketing is targeted primarily to people over the age of 25.

Mate1is an online dating service that is free to join.

Mate1offers 1-on-1 chat, free voice recordings, personal photo galleries and detailed profiles.

There are over 20 million registered members on Mate1

Definitions of sexual desire are broad and understandings of sexual desire are subjective.

Sexual desire in the absence of love has also been suggested as largely motivating the pursuit of short-term mating strategies rather than initiating long-term commitments, with love however, sexual desire correlated with increased sexual satisfaction.

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If couples experience mismatched patterns of sexual desire, however, the partner who experiences high-desire is more likely to report feelings of love, satisfaction, commitment, happiness and jealousy, while the less sexually interested partner is more likely to report dissatisfaction, and may be more likely to terminate the relationship or be unfaithful.

For example, Sternberg’s Triangular theory of love illustrates various types of possible loves, outlining the dynamics between passion, intimacy and commitment in the development of Romantic Love, Infatuation, Companionate Love, Liking, Fatuous Love, Empty Love, and Consummate Love .

and may also be commonly described as being in-love.

This intense feeling is characterized by the experience of great emotional highs and lows, and when it is reciprocated through union with the beloved, it can lead to feelings of euphoria, exhilaration, fulfillment and ecstasy; however, if passionate love is unrequited and union is not achieved, the absence may lead to feelings of emptiness, anxiety and despair.

Although passionate love is generally accompanied by intense desires and strong urges for emotional and physical closeness, resistance to separation and highs when attention is granted by the individual of interest, passionate love is often described as a temporary state.

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