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Consultant, Teacher, Customer Service Associate, Personnel Manager, Economist, Sociologist, Political Scientist, Relation Executive, Sales Coordinator, Interpreter (from one language to other), Content Writer - Editor, Actor, Translator, Part Time Trainer – Malayalam, Assistant Professor - Malayalam Journalism, Data Entry Operator, Tele-caller etc.

Academic Institutes, Journals, News Agencies, Photography Companies, Printing Companies, Private organization Advertising Agencies, TV Channels, Translation and other language services, Tourism, and such.

And I am happy to say that we now list all SWAYAM courses.

There are more than 500 free online courses starting in July and August 2019.

I paid a small extra fee (less than ) to receive the certificate (embedded below) by mail.

Since then, paper certificates have been discontinued, but students can still obtain virtual certificates that afford the same privileges.

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