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Since the liquidation process and procedure is both complex and statutory, it is imperative that directors seek advice and assistance from qualified insolvency specialists.

Real Business Rescue, has professional licensed Insolvency Practitioners who specialise in the liquidation of assets and winding up process.

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Call us for a free consultation and certainly take the time to browse through the abundance of information on this site.One of the biggest creditors to petition the Court is HMRC when taxes are owed and government believes the company to be irreparably insolvent.Members Voluntary Liquidation – When a company is solvent and able to pay outstanding debt, a Members Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) can be commenced. is a procedure initiated by the directors - rather than the creditors as it may sound - because a company is insolvent and unable to its debts.We are the experts UK companies rely on for honest and ethical advice.Real Business Rescue provide director advice online, over the phone, or in-person at one of our 75 UK offices or a place of your convenience.

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