Leopard server validating serial

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QTSS should already be configured for these ports by default.

Any links to QTSS would need to specify the correct port, i.e., You need to make sure that traffic is allowed on these ports through both the server's firewall and the router's firewall.

So I just figured out QTSS can use something other than port 80 for the same server as the web host. There are standard port assignments like 80 for web servers, 21 for ftp, etc., and you can't try to bind more than one service to the same port, but you can actually run any service on any unassigned port, as long as your clients know where the services are running.

Apple has designated ports 8000-8001 for QTSS MP3 streaming, ports 6970-6999 for QTSS RTP streaming and port 1220 for QTSS web administration.

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A common scenario would be to limit the number of successful serial validations.

Suppose that each of your customers has purchased a certain number of licenses and when this number of installations is reached, future installations should fail with an appropriate error message (for instance, "Maximum number of validations exceeded" instead of "Invalid serial number").

(It is valid when I unbridge..invalid when I bridge,) Apple claimed to fix this bug here has not.

I need bridged ethernet for multiple servers within virtualbox. Without speaking the same language I must have sorted out the internal LAN IPs by way of SLS Server Admin so that the WAN IP leads from router to computer and the computer sends everything where it needs to go.

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