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And, finally, we have the peas- ant's luxury of a thorough shampooing of his half-shaven skull, after the day's work is done. The native artist gives us sketches of the household manner of preparing this material. The seed soaked in liquid manure, sown only a week before, has germinated, and the plants are now ready for setting out.

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Another shows a carding-machinc, for separating the heads of grain from the stalk ; and still another presents a threshing scene, where flails precisely like our own are used. The tea-plant also, which ^^.^\^VM^'' 8TAETt N& FOE Fr SIYXMA- by a famine such as those which periodically desolate India and China. a supplv of manure, and he will produce a constant suc- cession of crops. The rains, which would have been fatal to the wheat, barley, and rape, give life and vigor to the rice and sweet potatoes. Another shows an in- genious manner of keeping off the birds, by means of a series of cords stretcliing from a central pole to the extremities of the small field ; the cords bear sun- dry shining objects, which the winged depredators will con- sider to be formida- ble. Another pic- ture shows him pressing down« the seed with an ordinary garden-roller.

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