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Unable to find an answer to her tattoo, Lana researched Isobel and learned that the Countess was her ancestor and that she was burned at the stake as a witch.After she touched Isobel's spell book, Lana was possessed by the Countess.Finally free of Smallville's expectations, Clark, and the metahumans of her hometown, Lana believed she could finally start to build her own life.

After seeing Clark again, the two talked about her return, but she refused to tell him the real reason why she had returned.

Then Lana started to feel that she could be with Clark after all.

When she was attacked by Genevieve Teague, who figured out that Lana had one of the Stones of Power.

Lex got Lana into a helicopter: as they took off, Lana and the pilot dodged the falling meteors.

However, one struck the tail of the helicopter and they plummeted to the ground.

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