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Office workers and all other employees must receive their pay at least twice a month.

The only legal deductions from wages are those: An employer may not deduct the cost of breakage or spoiled materials from your wages, or charge you for being late.

The employer must distribute this money among service personnel only.

A waiter may choose to share tips with a bus boy or similar employee.

This position reflects a change in DOL policy as set forth in DOL opinion RO-08-0032 related to this issue. When customers pay tips in cash, employers may, as a service to their employees, allow employees to leave cash tips earned over the course of a pay period with the employer.The law does not allow the employer to require payback for shortages separately.It is against the law for your employer, or anyone, to demand or accept any part of your wages for you to get or keep your job.PA’s in Kentucky do not have controlled substance prescriptive authority, Kentucky pharmacists should not accept or dispense controlled substance prescriptions written by an out of state PA. Yes, a pharmacist has a corresponding responsibility along with the prescriber to make sure controlled substance prescriptions are written for a legitimate patient, for a legitimate medical need in the usual course of practice of the prescriber. No, when the prescription contains instructions from the physician stating the prescription cannot be filled until a certain date, a pharmacist may not fill the prescription before that date.Generally, employers must pay manual workers each week.

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