Intimidating guy names

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One moment they’ll be purring away having a belly rub, but before you know it, their inner tiger awakens and your hand becomes prey!

If your cat likes to keep you on your toes – take a look at our favorite feisty kitten names below: Is your cat a master hunter? Either way, giving your kitty a truly fierce name is a fun way to honor the apex predator at heart, as well as strike fear into your visitors!

Then, Ross and Rachel named their baby Emma on in 2002, and all hell broke loose.

It's also deeply rooted in history, both real and fiction: for example, in 1002, Emma of Normandy was a Viking queen of England.

This officially raised the bar, and it's why we have youngsters running around with names like South West, or whatever Kimye named their ridiculously adorable offspring.

If you want something truly unique, try a slightly different approach: go with one of the least popular baby names of 2017, and your kid might be the only one on their class with that moniker. Name your kid whatever you want; because if Jason Lee can name his son Pilot Inspektor (note: with a k), then you can name your son Roger... While some of these names are older, there's nothing like a classic.

Your female fluffball may be cute, but everyone knows she’s a fierce lioness at heart.

‘Princess’ or ‘Snuggles’ may be great name choices for some.

If you or your cat likes to embrace the Rasta culture and live life in the slow lane – check out this fun list of stoner cat names: As much as we adore them, cats can be famously unpredictable.Then there was Jane Austen, whose 1815 novel was about a matchmaker of the same name.The endangered names have some serious competition; and while some may seem outdated, they'd still be excellent names for your wee one. Our furry friends live life strictly on their own terms, without worrying about any so-called “rules” us humans may like them to follow.If your cat doesn’t want to do something, they won’t do it – it’s as simple as that. So, if you have recently acquired a new kitty, giving them a badass name is a perfect way to honor just how rebellious and feisty cats are.

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