Idina menzel taye diggs dating

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Check out the exclusive news going to the following site: For both Idina and Taye’s, Broadway was the first platform to show their talent.

“Wicked” was the fundamental way to fame for Idina whereas for Taye, his bridge to success was “rent”.

In an Andy Cohen’s show “Watch what happens live” in 2013, he revealed he has taste in men.

After one caller dialed and asked him whether he’s ever “dipped in the man pond,” Taye surprised everyone with his answer.

Taye Diggs is an American television, theater and movie actor best known for his acting in Pulitzer award-winning rock musical drama, “rent” and medical drama television series, “Private Practice” and the motion picture romantic drama film “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” However, his name Taye comes from the perky pronunciation of his birth name Scotty as "Scottay".

See, if Scotty is pronounced playfully as “Scotty” , then you get the fun pronunciation as “Taye.” The actor has done well for himself financially.

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Idina Menzel has had a huge year with her song "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen becoming a huge hit, her performing in Times Square on New Year's Eve, singing at the 2014 Oscars, and getting nominated for several awards for her part in the Broadway musical "If/Then." Another big change for Menzel this past year, however, was getting divorced from long-time husband Taye Diggs.According to Taye, his mother and Idina’s family are some of these good people who supported their love and marriage.Their love brought up their baby-son Walker Nathaniel Diggs into the world on September 2, 2009.He said: “If I were to go that route, I would say Tyson Beckford is handsome and robust…Boris Kodjoe has a good look. No, he’s Sandy, but he’s pretty cool.” Well, his gay fans must have been happy with this answer and since his ten years of marriage with his actress wife Idina Menzel ended in late 2013, lots of gay people want to approach handsome Taye. When he was young, his mother had told him: “I always knew you were gonna marry a white girl!If it’s white cats, white dudes if it blonde, maybe…Brad Pitt’s pretty. ” Amazingly, what his mother felt was soon turning to reality after January 11, 2003.

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