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After each scene, the students had to indicate, on a scale of 1 to 10, whether they found the scene funny, thrilling, or violent.

They also asked the children’s teachers to evaluate their students’ personality traits—and found that children who thought the violent scenes were thrilling or funny were likely to be perceived as more aggressive and excitable by their teachers.

(Everyone in this study had been on at least one horror-movie date; the most common movies were and its sequel.) Students who scored higher on measures of empathy—agreeing more strongly with statements like, “I am often quite touched by things I see happen” and “I really get involved with the feelings of a character in a novel”—were more likely to report negative responses like sleep disturbances and feelings of distress.

In 1998, psychologists Anton Aluja-Fabregat and Rafael Torrubia-Beltri showed 470 eighth-grade children in Catalonia minute-long clips of violent cartoons.

I came across this really cute guy with a great job and a witty bio that convinced me we would hit it off.

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Men were most likely to enjoy the movie when paired with a woman who was distressed by it, and least likely to enjoy if the woman was unperturbed.In 1985, psychologists Marvin Zuckerman and Patrick Litle asked over 300 undergraduates about their movie preferences and looked for correlations with other personality traits.The students who sought out horror movies were more likely than others to say they would like to watch an autopsy being performed, would attend gladiator fights if they could travel back in time, and would slow down to watch a car accident.Then he asked if he could take me for drinks after work, which is my living nightmare because I definitely looked and smelled like I’d been working in a burger shop all day.I said ‘No’ and suggested we should meet up another day. Toward the end of my shift, I was extremely surprised to look up to see him walking in!

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