Hayley williams chad gilbert still dating

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On his blog, Josh claimed they were leaving due to controlling behaviour by Williams and their record label.

He accused the rest of the band of “riding on the coat-tails of her dream”.

Then there was me in the middle of all that, constantly very inspired and messing around more in the studio with instruments. Talking about her subsequent divorce, she says: “I do really feel like the band just saved me.

It gave me a place to put my purpose, something to look forward to.

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Then her marriage broke down and there were issues with the band’s line-up.

THERE’S Paramore mania in Barcelona, where the Nashville band are due to play their first-ever gig in Spain.

It is day one of Tour 3, the trio’s latest European jaunt, which includes a sell-out show at London’s O2 Arena tonight.

That’s why some songs transcend a certain situation.

“But sometimes I feel we are playing songs with words I listen to and realise that I still feel the exact same way.

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