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To the first ever French performance of the work Über der Linie VIII by Wolfgang Rihm, the final stage of a cycle on instrumental lyricism, undertaken twenty years ago and here [...] Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1890-1976) - Music by Gottfried Huppertz (1887-1937).

If you're behind a web filter, please make sure that the domains *.and *.are unblocked. STEVEN ZUCKER: Giotto is not a Renaissance painter, but he's laying that foundation. It's also all of that use of modeling that we see. STEVEN ZUCKER: Light and shadow, the turn of her body that's created by the transition from highlights to shade. BETH HARRIS: Exactly, which we can see in her neck, around her breasts, pulling the drapery across toward the Christ Child. STEVEN ZUCKER: We see that in the Christ Child as well and even in the angels around her. BETH HARRIS: With Giotto, we have a real sense of Mary sitting inside her throne. If you look back at the Duccio, she turns her body so that her thighs are parallel to the picture plane. Now, if you look at it carefully, clearly we're looking down to the step in the foreground.

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Under the watchful eye of the musicians of the London Symphony Orchestra, the eighty instrumentalists of this symphonic session are clearly determined to give the best of themselves for this symphonic concert which will [...] In the summer of 1788, Mozart composed a host of works, including a set of three symphonies for which we do not know the name of the commissioner, but which seem to have been wanted urgently. [...] Every summer, the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra brings together promising artists from throughout the Mediterranean.

Almost ninety young performers — from twenty-two different countries — are invited [...] For a single concert in Aix-en-Provence, the Orchestre de Paris conducted by Ingo Metzmacher will unveil an unprecedented programme.

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