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Overall, most of the examples below continued to stay or even increase in terms of traffic even a full year later!However, a couple of the articles I updated saw an initial boost and then faded.The way to do this is also very easy and I found it here (the Bio Bucket).In your webpage, in HTML mode, write a code using the standard HTML notation to create a link YOUR TEXT HERE The URL you will have to plug in is your Google doc one, found under “Share...”: Once you’ve done that, you can simply write something like “Click here to access the Google document for this table” in the YOUR TEXT HERE space, and... A Google account is not necessary to view the original Google Doc.

The day after publishing the updated content, the traffic increased.You can see my full updated results and screenshots below.Want to see the steps I took to get an almost immediate boost in organic traffic from Google? In total, I updated 7 articles in the month of January 2018.”These screenshots show organic traffic from Google ONLY.Article Updated: How to Effectively Use and Add Amazon Affiliate Links to Your Word Press Website 1 Year After the Update Before the Update Compared to 1 Year After As you can see, every single post that I tried this process on increased in Google traffic.

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