Girl dating a shorter guy

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It has become cool to decry dating, to make self-deprecating jokes about love lives and how many bad dates you’ve had to endure.And, while I’m sure you’ve had to endure some less-than-ideal situations, harping on them and them is only attracting more of them.While a romcom has its time and place and is entertaining on its own, it doesn’t represent the true nature of relationships.

Once I stopped the story about dating and opened that up to be something else entirely (and even a positive experience), I found myself dating.Sure, love is magical and can lift you to places you never expected, but it also demands you be vulnerable and open, which you can’t be unless you believe in relationships that are rooted in truth — not some fairy tale.Relationships require openness and a desire to learn and grow with each other.I used to believe this wholeheartedly, that there was something wrong with me and that was why I was single.The only thing that resulted in this was that I continued to be single, because this is what I wanted to believe was true.

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