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You visit Pointe-Denis Beach and enjoy her (almost) naked body.

You visit the Casino Croisette and lose all your money (Fuck that, go to the beach). Just don’t be too shy to ask her to accompany you on a day trip.

Sorry, but she can’t log into a Wi-Fi hotspot and I also don’t believe that Starbucks will build a branch in the middle of nowhere.

My advice: Travel to Libreville and enjoy your time with a beautiful woman.

Most girls you’ll meet online live in Libreville and there are two simple reasons for that. Libreville has more than 5 universities, including the African University of Management and BBS School of Management. That’s the reason why , even though French is their first language.

But there was something else that surprised me even more. There’s no way that you will end up miserable and lonely. Okay, you might end up with zero dates if you run up and down the main road in Libreville without setting up dates BEFORE you arrive in the country. You eat dead fish at the Sakura (God, I hate Sushi).Don’t waste your time with tribal girls who speak a completely different language and have different beliefs than you.Instead, look for the right girls online and take them to one of the dating venues that I suggest in the article.She’ll love the idea to stay in the same hotel room. One of them is rich: She wants to date a Western man because she’s into white guys and because she can’t find an equally educated man in her home country. I mean, who doesn’t want to get touched by a hot African woman while talking about the weather?She went to the best university because her dad paid for it. (Please don’t talk about the weather on your first date).

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